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Invictus games, graphics printing for wall decals Welcome to our blog. This is where we get kind of personal about our work and our ideas. This is where we profile our best people, new products, and the places most pertinent to our success as a printing company. We also get excited about the parties and promotions to which LifeLike Imaging contributes both safety and mood amplifying signage.  Our blog relates events from our perspective as your neighbourhood print solution provider.

This is NOT a sales channel, but rather a story-filled journal where we hope to showcase our print solutions in real use cases.  We believe that by displaying our work in our website blog, readers will come to know exactly what services and print solutions we offer, and the quality can they can expect from Lifelike Imaging.

Here's a glimpse of life inside LifeLike Imaging, our busy print shop at 7585 Torbram Road #1213, Mississauga, Ontario.

Our seventeen year old printing company specializes in helping marketers produce commercial art that will induce consumers to select their clients' products and services over the competitors’ offerings. We put a lot of thought into the way our printing is perceived by customers and the public in general. We know what it takes to stand out in a crowded marketplace, by the side of the road and in a busy trade show.

We have a lot of experience in the printing business in Canada and we’ve seen many different and innovative social and technological trends come and go, and each time leave the industry a little different than it was before. We know good ideas when we hear them, and we can spot pitfalls a mile away.  We master design challenges, overcome engineering issues, and know all the legal experts to call if you need help zoning or getting permits for an installation. When you bring your print designs to LifeLike Imaging, you’re accessing a half century of print execution and installation experience.

signmakers working on a big banner for a new business location Our designers, printers and installers are all very special people, and the work they do here is very important. High-quality layouts and efficient error-free printing is something our clients have come to expect. They give us their dreams on Post-It notes and cocktail napkins, and we transform their ideas into actual working designs. But that’s just the way good advertising evolves, and by keeping the client close to the process, we can get as much of their original vision as possible into the mix.

Let us take care of the technology required to print perfect marketing messages; we’ll help select the materials and make compelling, crystal clear business communications.

3M certified vinyl installer and graphics provider, print graphics MississaugaBring your vehicle-wrapping and fleet-wrapping needs to our experienced 3M certified installers. 

3M car-wrapping materials are either digitally printable for complete customized vehicle wrapping or self-coloured for a fresh new colour change to your vehicle. They come with varying levels of warranty, so we have you covered on all fronts.

Lifelike Imaging is among the most trusted suppliers of car wraps and fleet wraps in Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area. You can see the work we did with Rogers in the vehicle wrapping pages on our website. We won their business by being on time, on budget and doing great work. Give us a try and expect the same.

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