Wall DECALS for home or office

Crisp print graphics can increase sales for small medium sized company

Wall decals build trust and loyalty in consumers and staff.   This is how big corporations raise the bar on team building; they bring their brand right into their office lunchrooms and lobbies.  Apple computers, Nike apparel, Coca Cola beverages, McDonald's restaurants, and Starbucks coffee are all listed among the top ten most iconic brands on planet Earth.  Their logos and tag lines impact millions of consumers all over the world every single day on the properties they control.  Does your company have the right signage for world domination?

The physical signage that corporations create to advertise their products in the marketplace employ state-of-the-art brand marketing science.  One trip to head-office, or even a regional branch manager's office will impact visitors and positively affect they way they deal with these entities.

Technology has leveled the playing field, and now small to medium size firms can afford innovative and evocative signage. With inexpensive synthetic materials, improved advertising techniques like vehicle wrapping and see-through window graphics are within reach of their budgets, and savvy marketers risk experimentation. Fiscally smaller companies are in a great position these days to out-think and out-perform their larger competitor's stale mass media with innovative print tactics. All these smaller contenders need is a skilled sign maker with a shop full of state of the art tools. LifeLike Imaging has what you need, and we're here to help.


Vehicle Wraps and Fleet Wraps

Rogers van wrapped in vinyl by LifeLike ImagingA well-crafted vehicle wrap, by which we mean a car or truck or delivery van that has been wrapped in printed vinyl material can generate thirty thousand advertising impressions a day, as per research done by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America. This puts vehicle wrapping above all other type of billboards, and just below storefront signs as the most cost-effective business signage solution.

3M certified shop, Mississauga graphics installer LifeLike Imaging is 3M-certified and only employs 3M certified installers to ensure your wrap doesn’t peel or flake or fade in the sun.  Additionally, the material is applied carefully and professionally to protect the paint surface underneath. 3M certified wraps protect the original paint job and guard against road chips, scratches, and abrasions that result from everyday vehicle operation.  We guarantee all our wraps are done to the highest possible standards, and we know you’ll love our work.


LifeLike Imaging specializes in making full-size, floor-to-ceiling custom wall murals or wallpaper. We can develop original designs to your specifications, or expertly reproduce an existing logo, photograph or artwork. Such lifelike images in the office help build workplace culture, inspire confidence, and boost performance and sales.