Vehicle Wraps and Fleet Wraps

LifeLike Imaging can bring your brand to life on the outside of your business vehicle alongside crystal clear and very compelling sales messages. 

Our 3M certified vehicle wrapping service offers high quality car and truck wraps and graphics for all types of automobiles. We do a great job on deliver vans, and we specialize in wrapping tractor trailers and tour buses.

We do Fleet Wrapping -  Unlike other vehicle wrapping shops, our facility is very spacious, and so we can work on more than one vehicle at a time and easily get around all the curves without having to move the automobile for any reason.  Be wary of shops that are so crowded you see employees doing the work outside - you cannot apply adhesive in all types of weather!
freelance graphic designer at lifelike imaging in Mississauga

Let the graphic designers at Lifelike Imaging design your custom car or truck wrap.  Our graphic designers put the best elements of your identity in the most visible parts of your car to maximize the impact of your logo, tagline and images.  The most important component is probably your business phone number.  You can measure our success as designers and installers by the rise in phone calls that come during morning and afternoon rush hour and whenever staff members are out on the road.

Why choose to get your vehicle wrapped? *Or your fleet of vehicles wrapped at LifeLike Imaging? Searching around for a solution means you already know that wrapping your company vehicle will turn your car or truck into a permanent advertisement. Perhaps you see other such cars and wonder at their ...
schematics for vehcile wrap, mockup for customerThe Outdoor Advertising Association of America reckons that a good vehicle wrap in a populated urban center can accrue over 30,000 impressions per day, and many Fortune 500 service sector companies rely on fleet wrapping to generate ten percent of all incoming calls for new business.
Lifelike Imaging goes one step beyond by offering amazing quality, contemporary design, service, and speed;***

Make your next vehicle wrap lifelike!