Wall Murals

Bored with blank walls? Transform your home or office into a more habitable workplace with mood altering images. Put your employees in the middle of the jungle, or on a hill above a Canadian farm at harvest, or under the sea beside a coral reef teaming with bright coloured tropical fishes.  All this is possible with Lifelike Imaging’s custom wall murals.

Send us your dream alongside your dimensions. Tell us your ideas and designs and we’ll show you mock-ups before proceeding to do our usual amazing work.  We use  the best materials with the longest lifespan, and in the brightest, most ‘lifelike’ colours.

Lifelike Imaging also likes to bring historic moments to life as wall murals. We can transform your office environment’s white walls with classic film shots, wild animals and inspirational or calming nature scenes from around the world. 

Whatever breathtaking panoramas you have in your collection, or dream of creating, we can bring these visions to life on your office walls and inspire your nine to five existence with amazingly real scenery. You’ll be surprised at the effect that good wall murals can have on yourself and your staff and interior designers already know how bright scenes can really bring rooms to life and add immense value to otherwise boring residential and commercial property listings.

At Lifelike Imaging we guarantee our wall murals are printed on high quality vinyl – highest quality print solutions -  print imaging systems.

Have a look at our gallery below and contact us today – no job too big or small.

incredibly detailed image of eagle

mosorcycle poster